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This post was inspired by having 3 children and the numerous birthday parties I had arranged for them throughout the years. It’s never easy trying to figure out what the next party will be and what theme to have next. My girls are always very easy to please as they normally make their mind up about a theme and stick to it however, with my son it’s another matter. It’s a bit like his Christmas list, by the time we get to Christmas we are on version 15 of his list and normally its been changed again 2 days before Christmas day. Needless to say his birthday themes change weekly so sometimes I just have to run with an idea and hope for the best.

However, that seems to be more added pressure I feel to arranging these parties as my children have great expectations of me as they know I am an event planner. They want things bigger and I am sure they think I can pull off miracles. Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t change it for the world as I love organising them and feel a sense of satisfaction when I receive lovely feedback from other parents, their friends and my own children.

Last year only 2 of my children wanted parties as the other being in secondary school has very much grown out of them although I am sure I will plan something special for her for her 13 birthday this year.

The 2 parties couldn’t have been more different……one had a bug themed party with real spiders and insects and the other had a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I enjoyed doing both but have to say that I loved the Mad Hatters Party although there were endless hours of making paper pom-poms!!!

So the last party started me thinking about starting to offer children’s parties as part of a package which would include everything you need for a birthday party including cake, invitations, decorations, chair covers, party bags, food and entertainment. The wonderful cake stands were provided by One Off Services Ltd.

The venue would be decorated and everything would be there to take the hassle away from parents. So I am launching this service and will be including details on our website.

If you would like to find out more information about our Children Packages take a look at our Children's Party page on our website.

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