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I've been pants on Social Media

Well, I think the title tells you something about what I am about to post but think this will certainly hit a chord with other wedding professionals.

For the last couple of months I have been pants on social media. I've posted the bare essentials on Facebook and Instagram but Twitter has not had a look in as of late.

So what's the reason? I have thought long and hard about posting this and it's not normally something I would do but think this blog post will demonstrate how hard working we all in the wedding industry and how we have a carry on attitude despite other things falling apart around us.

About 11 weeks ago my eldest daughter who will be 17 in a few weeks time became unwell and started to experience a racing heart beat, chest pains followed by fatigue where she could hardly walk without help.

She has previously had heart surgery so always a worry when you think it maybe heart related. She's been taken to hospital by ambulance and has ended up in A&E a couple of times during this period. She's struggled to go to school as she's tired and with numerous hospital appointments its been difficult. In one week we were at the hospital or doctors for 5 separate appointments.

She's seen her cardiologist, paediatric doctors etc and although we have ruled out any problems with the heart function we have still so many more tests to go.

In this time I have carried on and have had 6 business meetings, 13 consultations with my couples, I have planned and co-ordinated 6 weddings and organised 2 wedding fairs. I have put on a brave face and carried on because this is what we do.

As a wedding professional I would never let any of my couples down because it is one of the biggest and most important days in their life. Some things I have had to let go of, such as my social media posts as we are all human and things happen.....we cannot do everything and its been my social media posts which have suffered.

I have received some amazing support from my fellow wedding professionals who have offered to help at weddings, despite being busy themselves and others who have offered help managing enquiries etc. I consider myself very lucky to have a great network of wedding suppliers.

So, if you are a couple looking at a business Facebook page or Instagram and they have not posted much, it doesn't mean they are have not done any weddings lately, do get in touch with them as they may have been so busy with weddings, events and general life events that have prevented them from posting.

I am currently looking through all my photos on my phone of all the lovely weddings I have been part of over the last 11 weeks and promise I will get them posted to my social media pages which you can link to below.

Thank you for reading and keep following us on social media as there are more great things to come.

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