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What's Trending in Weddings in 2018

As a Wedding Planner I get involved with all the design aspects of a wedding and its my job to know what is happening in the wedding world. I will never write a blog about whats hot and what's not, as I don't agree with the principles of some-one deciding whether a wedding theme or idea is the in thing because actually a wedding should be about what a couple likes and wants and not whether it happens to popular at the moment.

So what are we seeing in the wedding industry for this year? I have already held lots of consultations with couples who are getting married this year and speaking with fellow professionals this is what is trending in 2018.

1. Relaxed Weddings - Binning Formality

I started to see more relaxed weddings last year but this seems to be getting more popular in 2018 with couples opting for informal gatherings with family and friends and many of opting out of the traditional 3 course menu too. Instead they are wanting quirky food served out of vans like Fish and Chips or Pizza vans, actually anything which is relaxed and informal is popular.

2. Intimate Weddings - Weddings are getting smaller

Couples seem to be opting for smaller intimate weddings and choosing who they want to be involved in their weddings. There was a time when guest lists were huge simply because it was the 'done' thing to invite all family members including cousins, their children etc. You probably never really saw them very much but it would offend the family if they were not invited.

Also, most couples actually pay for their own weddings now and most already own houses and maybe already have children so are more savvy with where they want to spend their money.

3. Rustic Themed Weddings - Hot Trend

So what do we actually mean by rustic when it comes to weddings? In actual terms, rustic is a term used for things related to the countryside and often these weddings have a lot of natural and outdoor inspired elements. In terms of flowers, rustic is very popular as more and more brides opt for lots of foliage and berries within their bouquets and centrepieces.

We are seeing log slices used in many rustic weddings along with hessian and with it couples are recycling and using elements such as jam jars, jugs and old milk churns to create this look. This look is fabulous for marquee weddings where you can have a natural flow from outdoors to indoors.

4. Vintage - We love vintage

I have to say that I love all things vintage and actually I have tonnes of little accessories which I often use for the weddings I'm planning. This has to be one of my favourite wedding trends which has been popular for a few years and there is no sign that this will change and I'm so pleased about this.

There are so many variations on a vintage wedding which can include the decor with vintage teacups and saucers, vintage transport and even vintage inspired clothing. These weddings are often very natural so will often include many aspects of a rustic theme but add a little quirkiness with a vintage feel.

Back in the summer a florist I know created a centrepiece using a 2 tier vintage cake stand and flowers, the look was stunning and goes to show how versatile the look can be.

5. Lights and lots of them

Whether it's candles, LED lighting, festival lights or any other lighting, it appears that more and more couples are using lighting effects to provide mood lighting and ambiance to their wedding.

All lighting is different and can be used in such different ways and due their versatility they can be used on tables, outside, on walls and ceilings. For a romantic feel lots of candles on the tables can provide such subtle lighting along with up-lighters throughout the room.

As a wedding planner I love using various lighting options and would highly recommend checking out the lighting in your venue by visiting in different parts of the day and seeing for yourself what the lighting is like.

6. Dessert Tables - Because everyone loves cake

So who doesn't love cake and desserts? With the increasing trend to drop formality we will see couples having dessert tables as they opt to drop their 3 course menu. Dessert tables look so appealing and I really do think that these will also start to replace the sweet tables which have been so popular.

You can choose from big cakes which are your family favourites or choose from dainty mini cakes and pastries which look so pretty paired with vintage cake stands.

8. Copper - Metallic accents

We saw rose gold become very popular within weddings over the last few years but this year we will be seeing copper as a new colour which will be used as an accent. I love using metallic accents and copper is so versatile with other colours.

We will see copper inspired vases, copper chargers and copper foil print in wedding stationery, place names and table plans.

Still looking for inspiration then why not take a look at my Pinterest page.

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